SBS SSL Certificates
SBS Instant SSL
Low cost, entry certificate to send information securely over the web
$19 Buy Now
SBS Secure SSL
Value-priced option for full validation & $75K warranty
$64 Buy Now
SBS Secure Plus SSL
Fully validated, $1M warranty plus visual assurance from the SBS trust seal
$94 Buy Now
COMODO SBS + Extended Validation
Complete assurance; triggering the green bar in high-security web browsers
$449 Buy Now
COMODO SBS SGC + Extended Validation
Extended Validation SSL Certificates trigger the green bar in web browsers
$549 Buy Now


Secure Business Services (SBS) is a security solutions provider dedicated to providing the best Internet security technology—at the best prices. SBS currently provides digital certificates to clients interested in securing their Internet traffic. By focusing on offering compelling technology solutions, and not glitzy marketing campaigns, SBS is able to offer top-quality certificates at a fraction of the price of companies such as GeoTrust, Thawte, and Verisign. SBS certificates are quickly becoming a worldwide standard in secure Internet data transfer.

Secure Business Services is a bargain! You get the top-quality, 128-bit SSL encrypted certificates that everyone else uses, but for much lower prices.

SBS Secure Certificates use SSL version 3 to encrypt data. This means that over 99% of browsers will accept SBS Secure Certificates including Internet Explorer 5 and above, Netscape 4 and above, Opera 5 and above, and AOL 5 and above.

The process to signup and receive your SBS Secure Certificate depends on the type of certificate you have purchased. SBS Instant Certificates take shorter because they are low assurance, usually between 1 and 2 hours. SBS Secure Certificates are high assurance and therefore takes between one to two days, provided you respond to all requests for information immediately and the information is valid. Requests may take longer if customers are unable to provide the required documentation immediately, or if there are apparent discrepancies in the information that must be resolved.

SBS Seal

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