Enjoy work, enjoy life

The secret of WISENIC success is bright, creative minds working together. We're a high-energy company filled with people who want to be challenged and rewarded for meeting those challenges. And we want to have fun while we're doing it.

WISENIC is always interested in people who want to make a difference. We provide top of the line equipment, benefits, and a casual work environment. If you are an ambitious individual looking for the excitement of being in on a ground floor opportunity, we're waiting for you!

Here, smartly dressed means wearing your thinking cap

The attire is casual and the atmosphere is stimulating. Small teams tackle vital assignments that challenge them to perform at their best individually and as coworkers driving toward a shared goal.

We strive to create an environment that fosters innovation, encourages risk, views failures as necessary to success and recognizes achievements promptly. We encourage teamwork while reinforcing the importance of individuality to enhance our inclusive atmosphere and to leverage creativity. Despite our rapid growth, we work hard to avoid the chains of bureaucracy and retain our entrepreneurial, free-spirited culture.

An innovation center

At WISENIC, we produce ideas. Sometimes we go a step further and manufacture the actual products. Just like we did to prove to the world that CDMA really works. But mainly we're an innovative think tank impacting the future of wireless communications. Taking the initiative and figuring out the "how to" for the "what if" is what got us to our leadership position.

Are you ready for an exciting career at WISENIC?

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